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Terriers are a type of dog bred specifically for their phenomenal ability to seek out rodents a..

Molosser Type Dogs

Molosser type dogs are one of the most varied dog types of all and includes a great many divers..

Gun Dogs

Breed Type: Pointers/Gun Dogs Best suited as: Pet, hunting, or show dog with an active owner or..

Spaniels – Common traits and Pet Suitability

There are a large variety of dog breeds that are considered "Spaniels", but they have some comm..

Water Dog Breeds

The term Water Dog applies to a wide range of dog breeds, which are some of the oldest in the w..

Herding Dog Breeds

Like the name suggests, herding dogs are breeds of dog that have been trained or developed for ..


Countries of Origin: Ireland, Scotland, and England, depending on breed Size: Large Height: (At..

Hound Dogs

The breeds of the hound group are among those that have worked most closely in cooperation with..

LiveStock Guardian Dogs

Livestock Guardian Dogs are a very specialised type of animal that has been bred to protect a f..

Retrieving Dog Breeds

Breed Type: RetrieversBest suited as: Pet, show, or hunting dog Popularity: Golden Retrievers, ..

Pointing Dog Breeds

Pointing Dog Breeds Country of Origin: England Average Size: 55-65 cm (at the withers) Aver..

Spitz Type Dogs

Spitz type dogs originated in the colder arctic regions and are well suited for working in extr..

Toy Dogs

Toy dogs are named according to their tiny size and cuddly nature. Bred as a sheer novelty, man..